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November 1, 2016
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January 11, 2017

A New Edition of The Gillie – By Jamie Briscoe



Last November, we were in full winter mode by now with snow gracing our valley. This year: much different.

Although we received some heavy precipitation in the form of rain, the snow level was at around 7500 to 8000 feet. All of the local mountains received a nice dump of snow up high, but here in our valley floor (5800’), we got a good flush of water. Expect that to change and bring some different sporting conditions this year compared to last.

On the water:

The trout on the Big Wood River will continue to look up at the Fall Baetis aka: Blue Wing Olive mayfly, but it makes the most sense to direct your thoughts subsurface. Nymphing with Brassies, green Copper Johns and Bishops Dynamites will produce for you. On Silver Creek, don’t give up on those terrestrials (ants, beetles and hoppers), and focus on big bank feeders. It really is hunting.

Fly of the month: The Caddis. If you don’t know already, this moth-looking bug is fun to fish. Often you can get away with sloppy drifts to imitate the bug laying eggs by skittering and dragging the fly at the end of your drift. Deadly! Many times the fish taking the fly is the greatest part as it’s an instant tight line! Call me for details on how to REALLY make it work, it’s one of my favorite ways to fish.

In the Air:

As with last month all species of upland game are still available to hunt, more than likely with better results. As we transition to occasional snow days, look for tracks in the snow and trust your dog.

The waterfowl hunting is really beginning to come into its own with birds moving to roost and feed throughout the morning. On cold “bad” weather days, watch migration routes even when you are NOT hunting. Pull over near your favorite spots and just scout/watch flocks and their habits. It has been done this way for years in our area, and trust me, there are certain micro-flyways that are go-to spots throughout the season.


On the ground:

As you read this, elk and deer season is coming to a close, unless you were lucky enough to draw one of the rare late season rut hunts for deer. Or maybe you did not harvest an elk with your bow, and have a second chance at a spike? Whatever the case, I would love to hear your experience and highlight it in our blog. Just send a photo and a brief story to briscoe33@gmail.com. There’s some schwag in it for you if you have the story of the month!


We at Sun Valley Life really do vest our interests in our activities and want you to fully experience what makes us love our area. If you are thinking of buying or selling here, let us “guide” you. It’s our passion and hustle that will get you there.


For more information, or to book a trip, call Jamie Briscoe @ 208-309-2621, or drop him an email: briscoe33@gmail.com


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