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Sun Valley is the ultimate four season resort community that has something for everyone.

Sun Valley, Idaho—where the first destination ski resort in North America was established in 1936—may have its roots in winter. But visit during the warmer months and you’ll understand the cliché that resides at the heart of every mountain town: People may come for the snow, but they stay for the summers. Here are a few ways to enjoy the region, which receives some 200 sunny days each year.

The Sun Valley area offers amazing dining, entertainment, shopping, and countless outdoor activities including fly fishing, golf, mountain biking, and hiking.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, ‘Sun Valley Life’ says it all.

It’s impossible to overstate the accessibility of Sun Valley’s active pursuits, but that doesn’t mean that the area is only about adventure. It boasts more than 20 art galleries, mostly within a small cluster of buildings in Ketchum. Most carry works that subvert expectations; you’ll see a hearty collection of pieces from some of the world’s most revered contemporary artists. The Sun Valley Gallery Association hosts seven walks annually, but if you visit in

Early August don't miss the free shows held during the Sun Valley Summer Symphony Orchestra Festival, August 1-18. Then all that’s left is to figure out how to make time for a meal at one of the areas outstanding restaurants serving a variety of cuisine.

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