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March 29, 2011
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March 31, 2011

Going With The Flow…Hailey

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It’s no secret the population of the Wood River Valley has been gradually migrating from north to south.  Flowing like the Bigwood River downstream from Ketchum toward Hailey.

Not too many years ago, Hailey was the town 12 miles south of where everyone wanted to Ketchum.  But as the valley has grown and matured,  both in terms of real estate market conditions and population demographics, the southward shift is easier to understand.

The most obvious trend we’ve seen is full time valley residents moving out of Ketchum and into Hailey.  Offering more ore affordable real estate,  larger home size, easier day to day living for shopping and groceries and most of the valley schools,  Hailey makes sense for a lot of people, especially families.

Ketchum has largely become an area dominated by “second homers” and vacation property owners which has further driven the full time population south.

Same thing for many mid valley locations.  East Fork, Zinc Spur, Indian Creek are all attracting more second and vacation home buyers.

This seems to be a natural progression. The general stretching of the valley to the south.

What is really interesting is that Hailey is also becoming a second or retirement home choice for many people.  For a lot of would be condo owners in Ketchum and Sun Valley, Hailey is now a choice they are considering.

For many of the reasons stated above I know of quite a few people who are now exploring Hailey as their second home location.  I’ll be closing escrow shortly on a home in Northridge that will be used by a semi retired couple for a few years as a vacation home and ultimately their retirement home.  And I talk to a lot of other people with the same idea.

Hailey also makes sense for the parents of their kids who live in Hailey full time.  Grandparents who want to have a place near their kids and grandchildren.  More space, easier to connect and spend time with the kids.  My dad has a place in Hailey and I know of several other families who do, too.  It just makes sense.

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