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March 30, 2011
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April 6, 2011

Done Deal…306 Starweather

Starweather Sun Valley, IdahoAllright!  Here’s a done deal that might just be one of  the best deals so far in 2011.  306 Starweather Drive in the Starweather neighborhood in mid valley.   First of all, Starweather is, in my opinion, one of the coolest neighborhoods  in the valley.  If you want to know why, just click here.

This particular house was designed by well known local architect, Janet Jarvis and built by well known local builder, Black Diamond Builders in 2003.

What’s cool about this property is that it’s gently tucked away in a natural grove of old growth aspens and feels like it was just quietly dropped into the native landscape.  Gravel drive, stepping stone walks and very sparse landscaping.  Natural beauty surrounded by undisturbed dogwoods, aspens, cottonwoods and riparian vegetation.  Landscape money can’t buy.  Walk across the street to a private trail that leads directly to one of the best stretches of fly water in the valley.  Overall, a one acre plot of  relaxed Sun Valley style.

Inside is just gorgeous.  Step right into a wide open central great room that feels grand but also connected.  The walls are entirely covered with beautiful stone and large open windows that draw the landscape in from outside.  A large and beautiful chandelier in the central room highlights a stone fireplace.

The kitchen is spacious and open with a very unique island with natural feeling concrete counter tops.  The expanded island is equal part dining table and breakfast bar which feels very relaxed and comfortable.  Which is nice because everyone knows the kitchen is the best hang out spot in the house.

A spacious  master suite is nicely separated from the guest suite by a cozy sun room with fireplace, reading nooks and game table.  A kick back  media room off the kitchen is connected to another bunk room for friends and family.

The property came on the market in early November of 2011 for $2,150,000.  I thought it was a pretty good deal at that price.  Then at the end of January of this year they dropped it to $1,700,000 which was an awesome deal.  By the time we finished hashing out the deal, we settled on a final purchase price of $1,575,000.  An exceptional deal.

I really like this house because it’s understated yet offers exceptional quality in a natural setting.  My buyers were a terrific family from Northern California with a daughter at the University of Oregon and another daughter in high school.   Big road and mountain bikers and self proclaimed bike geeks.  Their favorite restaurant in the valley is the Powerhouse Pub in Hailey.  They also like to stand in the river and wave sticks at trout while their Idaho born Corgi watches from the shore.  No nonsense deal negotiators and great additions to the valley.

Want to be a great addition to the valley, too?  Call Coulter Properties and I’ll start working on it for you.

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