September 27, 2016
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November 1, 2016

The Gillie. Your Guide to Hunting, fishing and Real Estate! By Jamie Briscoe


Do fins, fur or feathers grab you? Fishing and Hunting reports can be found anywhere, but our own Jamie Briscoe has been guiding the outdoors for over 25 years and his goal is to give you some “out of the box” tips that could be difference makers in your quest for outdoor successes. This month, Jamie will give us advice and the fall rundown on flyfishing, wingshooting and big game opportunities.

Fall. In. Love.

By far, some of the most memorable experiences you will ever encounter in the mountains happen now. Mother Nature is staging for her grand exit prior to the monochromatic winter wonderland that will bless us soon. If you are looking to partake in this, direct your attention to your gear. Be prepared for anything: warm days, snow, overcast, wet, intense sun and wind. Any day will deliver any condition.

Beyond the tools that will keep you comfortable, you might find it handy to have these short tips in your toolbox:


On the water:

The menu for our trout will change drastically soon, and they know it. It is a smorgasbord that will soon transition to only a couple of choices when the snow flies. So bring it all of your fall basics: Red Quills, Mahogonys, Baetis and Terrestrials. This includes hoppers that the fish will continue to spur interest for through the entire month of October.

Fly of the month: The Grasshopper. Fish it as a dry fly on it’s own, or with a nymph dropper. If you want to try something different, look for orange foam bodied patterns and try swinging/skating them at the end of your drift to replicate the October Caddis that can be present in the northern Wood River Valley.


In the Air:

All species of upland game will be available to hunt this month and there is an increasing population of the Chukar Partridge that continues to impress and venture outside of its normal local geographic range. I’m seeing coveys of birds where I have never seen them before. For population trends from Idaho Department of Fish & Game, click here. (Stay tuned for a waterfowl report next month!)

Tip: Look for amphitheatre looking cliff bands and get in the middle elevation to push birds across the valleys. Pay close attention to where they flush to go get em’ again.


On the ground:

Yes, time to fill the freezer. Elk, deer, antelope and if you were lucky enough to draw one: goat and sheep. Regardless of what your tag says, take a good look at your gear and get ready to invest in the clothing that makes you become part of the mountains. While comfort is paramount in all kinds of weather, how you are seen is as important. First Lite is a local company who is winning awards left and right for innovation and quality. Their Fusion camo pattern is a mix of shapes and colors designed to obliterate the human shape. Take a look at their offerings and invest in success!

For more information, or to book a trip, call Jamie Briscoe @ 208-309-2621, or drop him an email:

Tight Lines, Fat Tines!



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