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Done Deal… 1908 Warm Springs Road Pineridge Townhome Ketchum, Idaho

Pineridge Townhomes Great property for sale in Ketchum, IdahoHere is a really nice property I  just closed on this week.  Pineridge Townhomes on Warm Springs Road.  I like a few things about Pineridge.

As in all real estate, I should start with location.  This property is located on Warm Springs Road pretty much across the street from the original Warm Springs Ranch and Restaurant.  Its a nice spot because it gives you the secluded feeling that you get from living out Warm Springs but it’s not way out  in Warm Springs Village  by the lifts.  Ketchum is still as close as most places in downtown or West Ketchum which is nice.  I haven’t measured it but its probably equidistant from the River Run lifts to the Warm Springs lifts.  So, its a good location.

Pineridge is a relatively new development and was  just built in 2005,  back in the heyday, so the finishes are really nice.  High end appliances, granite counter tops, stained concrete flooring with radiant heat and  a roomy one car garage.  There is a really cool inner courtyard with a water feature, stone paths and nice landscaping and a sitting area that give a really relaxed and peaceful feeling when you enter.

This unit is  3 BR/ 3BA on three floors.  Entry,  guest room and full bath on the ground floor.  Kitchen, living room and BBQ deck on the second floor.  Master and secondary bedroom on the third floor.  The secondary bedroom has it’s own en suite bathroom.  I like the fact that this unit has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.   Often times three bedroom units are tough properties to find, especially in Elkhorn and Sun Valley, unless you are willing to spend much more.

The property was listed for $549,000.  We made an aggressive offer under $500,00.  We received one counter offer and then presented our  best and final offer of $500,000 and the seller accepted the deal.  After a thorough home inspection we identified a few items that needed to be addressed.  We requested the seller provide us with a cash concession so that the buyer could make the necessary repairs.  Sellers accepted and the repairs are scheduled for this week.

I liked this deal because it was a fair transaction for both parties.  It was based on today’s market conditions and sold quickly when the seller was provided with a reasonable offer.

My buyers were a great family from Boise who will be using the home as a four season vacation home.  They have a daughter who is a hot shot ski racer and they will definitely enjoy skiing Baldy.  Sun Valley is a great option for Boise buyers because its a quick and convenient drive over so  its great for quick weekends or longer stays without being too far from home.

All right!  Another good deal.  Give me a call if you’d like to find a great deal of your own.

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