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February 16, 2011
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March 1, 2011

What’s It’s Going To Take To Keep Sun Valley Great?

Sun Valley Idaho is GreatEverybody knows Sun Valley as a classic and traditional four season family resort,  right? At least that’s what we’ve been known for in the past.  But what is Sun Valley now?  What does Sun Valley need to be?  Where are we heading? All good  questions.

Most recently there has been a lot of shake up with the long range planning. marketing and promotion of  Sun Valley.  We’ve seen consolidation and restructuring of the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, creation of new marketing alliances between Sun Valley and Ketchum and the hiring of a new advertising agency to represent the Sun Valley Company.  All with one goal  in mind.  To increase demand for Sun Valley.

So how to increase demand for Sun Valley?

From a marketing perspective it will require cooperation and coordination between the Sun Valley Company and the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley.  Joining forces to create one cohesive brand for the area through shared efforts.  But the actual marketing is the back end effort used to attract the end user.

The end user, the visitor,  is what really matters.  How do you increase their demand?

Sun Valley has several areas that need attention.  Fortunately, the things we are lacking are being fixed.

Transportation is probably the biggest issue we face.  Flights into Sun Valley lag behind comparable resorts.  The existing airport often causes weather related delays and cancellations.  Our main hub in Salt Lake City limits alternatives and convenience.  Quality and consistent bus service from Boise is limited.  But here’s the good part.  We are in the process of developing a new airport to solve this problem.   We are taking action to address the issue.  A new location in the south county will be developed without size or access limitations.  Future benefits would include consistent and timely arrivals from more and bigger locations. Ample available seats for group travel.  Easier and more affordable all season access.  The powers that be are taking action to fix this problem.  A long term solution is on the way.  And it will work.

High end lodging is another issue.  We currently do not have enough high quality lodging options that are necessary to attract high end visitors.  We currently lack 4 and 5 star ski in/ski out alternatives.  Condo rentals are in over supply.  Fortunately, we have this covered, too.  Sun Valley Company recently annexed in a large tract of land into the City of Ketchum and has ultimate plans to build a new world class village at River Run.  Five star accommodations, a village atmosphere, restaurants that accommodate our visitors needs.  Plus, a number of new luxury developments are in the works for downtown Ketchum.  Only delayed due to the economic downturn, these other projects are viable and will ultimately provide what Sun Valley needs to flourish in the future.

Other than these primary issues, Sun Valley is right on track and stands to surge ahead as we transition out of these challenging market conditions.

We all love Sun Valley.  You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t .  Sun Valley has been great,  is currently great and will continue to be great.  The best part is that we have identified the aspects of our community that need work.  And we are taking the steps to keep it working.

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