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January 25, 2011
January 27, 2011

What Do YOU Want On My Real Estate Website?

real estate mls listings & web answersI’ve said it before, real estate buyers and sellers are pretty much looking for one thing when they go online to look at properties, MLS listings.  But they are also looking for other key information, too.

People want answers to real estate questions that they are actually asking.  What’s going on with the market?  What do you think they will take for this property?  How does this property compare to that one?  Which is a better deal?  What’s the best location?  How much are the association dues? Are there any good comps for that property? Can you send me a plat map?  Are there any other offers on that house?  Can you send me the CC&R’s for that project?

I just pulled the above questions out of about a weeks worth of emails in my in box.

That’s really the key information that a good website and a good real estate blog need to provide.  The rest of it is just fluff and filler.   The fluff is not necessarily bad information, some of it can actually be quite helpful.  It’s just not the core information that buyers are after.

Don’t get me wrong, my website has it’s fair share of fluff on it, too.  I’m just making a  light hearted poke at a lot of websites I see out there…mine included.

So visit my site for the key information you really need to know and I’ll give you the fluff for free.  But be sure you check out my testimonials and face shot while you are there!

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