Done Deal…301 Industrial Park Way Bellevue
June 12, 2011
Done Deal…Elkhorn Springs
June 15, 2011

Welcome Summer Intern Kate Brittingham.

So I posted an ad in the  Sun Valley Online classifieds.  Looking for a summer intern who was interested in learning all about real estate in exchange for helping me with some of my work around the office.  I never really expected to get any response.  However, a few weeks later I received an email from a girl in Nigeria who said she would be in the valley for the summer and would be interested in the job.

My first reaction is she was posing as the niece of the Prince of the Federation of  Zumbajari and she needed to immediately transfer $14,000,000 into my account before hostile warlords raided her palace.  The African email scam deal you may have seen.   I was wrong.

Turns out she was really a high school student in Nigeria and her parents had a second home here in Hailey.  Right next door to my house, in fact.  I even knew her parents.  Her dad works in the oil industry, and they were actually living in Nigeria for his work.  Small world.  Even smaller valley.

Once she was back in town, we met and decided to give it a go.  So far, I  have determined her computer and internet skills blow mine away.  Soft spoken but not afraid to pick up the phone and get something done.  Plus, she will be our newest guest blogger.  I’m betting she will have some great questions worth answering online and a fresh new perspective on the local real estate market.

So, look out for a call or email from Kate this summer.  She’s sure to be a great addition to Coulter Properties   Welcome, Kate!

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