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March 7, 2011
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March 11, 2011

Verify The Square Footage. And Everything Else For That Matter


BTVAI.  That stands for Buyer To Verify All Information.  Just because a listing on the MLS says a property is 4,200 Square Feet, doesn’t mean it actually is.

Nobody is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, its just that there is different information floating around that agents use to post the property details.

Perfect example.  I am working on selling a nice house to a buyer client.  The listing agent had a set of building plans that showed a floor plan with 4,200 square feet and that’s where he came up with the number.  Seems reasonable.  We find a set of plans in the garage that show 3,500 square feet.

Turns out the set of plans  the listing agent had was an architectural  progress set that showed a large additional room that was never actually incorporated into the final “as-built” plans.  The set we found was accurate and ended up being the square footage on which we based our offering price.

No harm, no foul.  It’s just a good thing we caught the discrepancy.  Verify all other listing information, too.

But don’t worry.  I’ll make sure we verify all information on your deal.    I’ve got your back.

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