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Sun Valley, Idaho Airport Access. What’s the best way to get here?

flying into sun valley idaho at the airport in hailey idaho to buy real estate and homesIn my day to day conversations with clients,  I consistently get asked many of the same questions. One of the most common questions is “What’s the best way to get to Sun Valley?”  My first response is  usually “any way you can!”  My second response is often “by air”.

The most common route is by flying into Friedman Memorial Airport which is located right in Hailey, Idaho.  From Hailey it’s a quick 12 mile drive straight to Sun Valley and Ketchum.  The flight into Sun Valley is serviced by  Horizon Air (part of Alaska Airlines) and Skywest (part  of  Delta Airlines).  The flight is generally routed through Salt Lake City.  Most flights offer a larger plane into Salt Lake then you will jump onto a  smaller one right into Sun Valley.   It’s pretty quick and convenient since Salt Lake City is such a big hub.

The other most common flight is to fly directly into Boise.  A lot of times during the winter months this is the best option.  If you opted to fly into Boise you can either rent a car (one way or round trip) or jump on the twice daily Sun Valley shuttle for fifty bucks.  The drive from Boise to Sun Valley takes about two hours.  Often times, the flights into Boise are cheaper than the Sun Valley flights so it’s worth checking out.

In addition, Horizon Air now offers daily direct, nonstop flights between Sun Valley and Los Angeles and Seattle, putting west coasters just a few hours away from Sun Valley.

Many private planes and jets arrive on a regular basis, too.  During the summer and on most major winter holidays  a very large and impressive number of private jets make their way into Sun Valley.  During the Fourth of July and Christmas it’s like a parking lot full of jets surround the tarmac.  It’s very cool to see.

So, that about sums it up.  Flying is a great way to get to Sun Valley.  Give me 15 minutes notice and I’ll pick you up at the airport.  No kidding…

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