Sun Valley Fun Facts From Hot Cocoa Cups
December 2, 2010
Hailey, Idaho Chamber Bucks
December 6, 2010

Sun Valley Flight Deals. Hurry!

Here’s a quick deal that is worth jumping on right now.  For $75 bucks (in honor of Sun Valley’s 75th Anniversary) you can nab a one way ticket from Seattle to Sun Valley on Horizon Air.   The travel period is between January and March (read peak ski season).  But, you have to buy the tickets before December 6th so don’t wait.  This is a great deal on top of the already great normal rate of $99 one way.  The $99 one way deal also arrives from LA, too.

While you are here, contact Coulter Properties to check out some great deals on homes, condos and other properties.  Sweet!  Have a good week end.

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