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October 1, 2013
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November 12, 2013

Ski Magazine Ranks Sun Valley, Idaho #4 Ski Resort in the West.

Sun Valley PhotoIn the current issue of Ski Magazine, Sun Valley, Idaho was ranked by readers as the #4 resort in the Rocky Mountain West.  Obviously, we think Sun Valley is #1 but #4 ain’t bad when you consider the overall experience that Sun Valley has to offer. Here’s what Ski Magazine and readers had to say…

“In Central Idaho where the high desert meets the wild Northern Rockies, this gracious, sun-kissed American ski classic wins enduring fans by doing things its own signature way.  Its two ski mountains-big Baldy and small Dollar-stand separate from each other.  Baldy is the main attraction, where skiers bank into 3,400 vertical feet of sustained, top-to-bottom pitch, glide directly onto high-speed lifts that zoom back to the top, and then do it again and cheer.  “Wide Open Slopes and Zero Crowds.”  “Can really rip.”  “Excellent snow making and some of the best grooming to be found. ”  “Your legs crave a rest…alas, there are no lift lines!”

When it snows, there’s powder skiing in Baldy’s beloved bowls: when it doesn’t, North America’s largest and most technologically sophisticated snow making system ensures consistency and quality on the pistes.  For breaks, day lodges include the elegant top-of-gondola Roundhouse (built in 1939) and its four contemporary “first class” cousins (with vaulted ceilings, upholstered seating, gold plated bathroom fixtures, polished granite, and newly improved menus). Even with direct flights, reaching this “timeless beauty”is often a challenge-but reader after reader says the travel hassles are worth it.  One sums it up nicely, “If golf has Agusta, skiing has Sun Valley.”  Others say, ” A classic resort.  Feels as though you’re a part of history when you ski Sun Valley.” “No lines, incredible grooming and amazing scenery, not to mention gold-plated commodes and granite counter tops in all the ski lodges. Sun Valley is a five-star experience.” “It is that perfect little ski town that you read about in books. With ice skating, shopping, and dinner all within a short walk this is a place you will enjoy visiting.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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