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December 19, 2010
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January 3, 2011

Neighborhood Profile…Northridge in Hailey, Idaho

Northridge Subdivision and Real Estate In Hailey, Idaho

If you asked me what is the best neighborhood in Hailey and you needed one single name, I would probably answer, “Northridge.”  All things considered, I think Northridge would win that title. Why, you ask?  Here’s the low down on this Hailey neighborhood.

First of all, Northridge is located in the northeast part of Hailey.  It’s the last development heading north before you leave the city limits.  It’s got a terrific location that offers easy access to a lot of what Hailey has to offer.  Shopping, coffee, groceries, movies.  All right there.   The bike path is literally out the back door of  a lot of homes.  The middle school is super close and makes for an easy walk or bike ride to school.  There’s great soccer and football fields make for a fun park for hanging out or getting a game going.  Wood River High School is just a short drive away, too.

The homes in Northridge are all really nice and very well maintained.   Most of the homes are between 2,500 to 2,800 square feet with 3 or 4 bedrooms and usually 2.5 or 3 baths.  The lots are nice sized and are mostly 12,000 to 15,000 square feet.  So, you’ll have a little breathing room from your neighbors and a open space for a roomy backyard.   Many of the homes have craftsman styling with shake accents and woodwork.  Plus, there is  a solid  influence of classic Sun Valley mountain design throughout the area.

These days home prices range anywhere from $450,000 to $650,000 in Northridge which is a pretty good value.  Prices per square foot are competitive and often times pretty close to replacement cost, at least based on today’s market.  Northridge has held it’s value quite well over the years and I think it should continue to do so.

Northridge was platted with many of the original  lots  on an upper level of the development that we call “the bench”.  The bench lots offer a really nice view of Carbonate and Della Mountains.  Plus, they get a lot of afternoon sun which is nice,  especially in the winter.   I’m not sure when the first lots in the first phase were platted but I would guess during the late 70’s.  The newer parts of Northridge are on the lower level closer to the west and the highway, but they are not on the highway.  It’s a really nice area too.  The last phase of Northridge is Northridge 9 which is right across from the middle school parks.   I’d say there are about ten homes in Northridge 9 right now.

Probably the best part of Northridge is that it’s a great family neighborhood.  There are lots of kids, young and old.  It seems like the average age is a little bit older and I see quite a few high school kids buzzing around the area.  The families are great & everyone is really friendly.  Many of the valley’s business owners and professionals live in the area and a lot of them commute to Ketchum or Sun Valley for work.

Northridge definitely has a lot to offer and that’s why I pegged it as Hailey’s overall best neighborhood.  Take a run through it next time you have a minute.  I think you will like it.  If you’d like to see other posts on great Hailey Neighborhoods just click here

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