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January 19, 2011
How to And How Not to Sell Your Home: Part Four
January 21, 2011

How to And How Not to Sell Your Home: Part Three


Welcome to the third installment of How to And How Not to Sell Your Home.


3. Add curb appeal. Not only is a house with a nice garden attractive to the eye, its attractive to the buyers interest– a house that comes with a nice yard means less work for the buyer if they buy the house, whereas a house with a trashed yard can not only hide or push aside the other (better) qualities of your house, it makes the buyer think of spending hours weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, planting flowers/hedges/trees. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money in the garden to get this desired curb appeal: simply keeping the lawn mowed, the weeds at bay and adding a couple of flowers or other foliage here and there can do wonders.


3. Not take the first bid. Many homeowners will get a bid right away and not accept it. Because someone was so interested in your house right away, that means there must be loads of other people who will make a bid. Wrong. Chances are, the buyer has been looking for a while and your home happened to fit the bill. That does not mean that there will be a bidding war over your home. If that first offer is good, then don’t be so quick to reject it: if you do, you might have your house on the market for hundreds and hundreds of days. Of course, if the offer isn’t right then you don’t have to accept it just in case no one else bids. But if the offer is what you were looking for, then why wait?

Good luck and happy selling!

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