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August 25, 2010
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August 29, 2010

Hailey Idaho Real Estate and Property For Sale

Downtown Hailey Idaho prime property for sale by realtorsSome communities instantly find a place in our hearts. Hailey is definately one of those communites. Hailey is loctated at the southern end of the Wood River Valley just minutes away from the beautiful properties and real estate of Ketchum and Sun Valley.   We are surrounded by the beautiful Sawtooth National Forest . Residents can enjoy spectacular outdoor recreation year round, and beautiful Hailey real estate properties are located in family-friendly neighborhoods that boast easy access to world-class amenities and excellent schools. This town beckons buyers from all walks of life, who come here in search of the wonderful and unique quality of life.

The Hailey real estate market often attracts buyers who like to be close to both Ketchum and Sun Valley, where they can explore some of the finest alpine activities in the State. But the town is also the hub for full time valley residents. In downtown Hailey you will find numerous studios and galleries, restaurants and retailers.  Throughout the year there is always an exciting exhibit, concert or stage play happening in Hailey.

Hailey Idaho Real Estate

Searching Hailey Idaho real estate is an exciting venture, but also one that requires some time and dedication – and professional support. If you are serious about securing a home here, your best strategy lies in teaming up with a local realtor. An experienced real estate professional can help you navigate all the Wood River Valley Idaho listings that include Hailey real estate and homes. With everything from historic downtown  cottages, river front homes along the Big Wood River to single-family homes in new developments to choose from, your pursuit of a property here can truly benefit from the experience, skills and connections of a realtor.

Turn your Hailey real estate search into an enjoyable venture by working with a premier local realtor. Contact Coulter Properties today.

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