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Curb Appeal Tips for your Sun Valley Summer Listing

No matter where you live, it’s incredibly important to maintain great curb appeal when selling your home. Summer is a great time for buyers in Sun Valley to be looking at buying a home, so here are some great tips you can use to boost your curb appeal this summer.

1) Clean Your Windows. One of the simplest but most satisfying fix-ups that you can do is to make your windows sparkle and shine, letting in clear summer light.

2) Fix up your front door. Offer an eye-catching welcome to your home by enhancing your front door and exterior entry way with bold colors, shiny new hardware, plants or other decorative pieces.

3) Water Your Trees. Twice a month, water big trees deeply using a soaker hose or gator bag at the base of the tree. Don’t wait for your trees to show signs of thirst—maintain this routine for dependably green and lush foliage.

4) Polish Up Paths and Patios. Bring your walkways and entertaining areas into tip-top shape by fixing broken or loose stones and clearing areas of any weeds or debris.

5) Spruce Up Your Exterior. Make your home stand out by brightening up its drab exterior. If needed, remove ivy, repair siding and stucco and paint your exterior so that your home looks fresh and well-kept for potential buyers.

6) Renew Porches and Decks. Give porches and decks a fresh look with re-staining or re-painting.

7) Get Fencing in Order. A sagging fence gate or a leaning mailbox can make your house look unloved and unlived-in. Get these fixed up and, if needed, painted.

8) Clean Up the Landscape. Even if you get the house all fixed up, a scraggly yard can ruin the whole effect. Get out the garden gloves and the wheelbarrow, and spruce up your landscaping by adding fresh mulch, pruning trees and removing dead branches.

9) Manicure Your Lawn. It’s never too late to go for the greenest turf in the neighborhood. Make sure that the lawn is mowed, watered and free from weeds or brown patches.

10) Keep Your Garden Gorgeous. Nothing says curb appeal like a lush, blooming garden. Plant some bright colored flowers or bushes in the front of your home to create a colorful canvas and draw a buyers eye. If you don’t have a green thumb, hire a professional to do it for you or inquire at a nursery what type of flowers or plants would work best for your home.

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