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August 27, 2013
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September 2, 2013

Beaver Creek Fire. Sun Valley is Alive and Well and Open For Business!

As of this posting the Beaver Creek Fire that started by a lightning strike on August 7th, has been deemed essentially 100% contained. After burning approximately 175 square miles, residents of the Wood River Valley are left not with a sense of loss but rather a incredible feeling of gratitude toward the 1000’s of courageous fire fighters who risked their life to protect our valley.  That and a much deeper appreciation of the incredible community, people and natural resources available to us in a place we are lucky enough to call home.  Truly amazing!

Now that the “smoke has cleared” the Wood River Valley wants everyone to know that we are back in business and eager for everyone to return to the Sun Valley we know and love.  The burned areas center around Hailey and the west side of the mid valley area and while dramatic, the areas will recover quickly, even this Spring with new wildflowers and fresh growth.  Nature at work.   Areas north including Ketchum, Sun Valley and Elkhorn remain untouched and as beautiful as ever.

Spread the word, Sun Valley is alive and well and open for business!  

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