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Top Ten Reasons We Live in Sun Valley!


This is just the tip of the ice berg and the list goes on and on but you have to start somewhere!  We’d love to hear what you love about Sun Valley,as well, so  be sure to shout out your favorites, too.

Top Ten Cool Things About Living in Sun Valley:

10) Leaving your car keys in the ignition at the grocery store with an unlocked $5,000 mountain bike on the rack.

9) Gong to work with ski pants on and “sneaking in” a few runs at lunch.

9) Not thinking twice about meeting clients in those same ski pants after lunch.

7) Waving to friends you pass on Main Street driving along at 20 miles per hour.

6) Wearing a down puffy jacket over shorts and flip flops.

5) Stopping on Highway 75  to let a herd of elk cross the road.

4) Dialing a wrong number and ending up knowing the guy that answers, and having a nice chat before you hang up.

3)  Asking for advice in the hardware store and realizing the guy that helped you doesn’t even work there.

2) Living in a true “four season” climate. Skiing Season, Biking Season, Fishing Season and Golfing Season.

1) And the number one best thing about living  in Sun Valley, Idaho….an awesome real estate market and  knowing several friendly Coulter Properties agents to help you find the perfect property!

There you go… we hope you like it.  Now tell us… what’s your favorite part about Sun Valley?

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