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10 Alternative Uses For Household Items in Sun Valley

10 Clever Uses For Your Everyday Household Items In Sun Valley

Crayon on the walls. No wrapping paper. We have all been there. Here are 15 useful ideas to re-purpose your household items in Sun Valley. I know I could have used number 10 this past weekend while painting the nursery.

1.  Transform old magazines into wrapping paper.

Don’t just recycle your old wrapping paper. Turn a flashy fashion spread or a pretty gardening page into cheap and chic gift wrap.

2.  Save your jelly jars.

When you’ve finished jelly, peanut butter or mayo, wash the glass jar and remove the label. Now you’ve got a shabby-chic glass or mini-vase. (Yep, your grandma did this.) Or, before you remove the label, write the size of the jar on the bottom with a marker—now you’ve got a makeshift measuring cup.

3.  Remove crayon marks with WD-40.

The next time your little one goes wild writing on your walls, don’t stress! Instead pull out WD-40. This household product, that you usually use to stop squeaky hinges, also works brilliantly in removing crayon marks from most surfaces. Simple spray and wipe crayon right off. (You may also want to wipe surface with a soapy rag to remove any oil residue.)

4.  Clean your toilet with Alka Seltzer.

So you’re having friends for dinner in 20 minutes, and you’ve just noticed your grimy toilet? No worries, drop in a couple of tablets Alka Seltzer, leave for ten minutes then easily wipe scum away! The fizzing action of Alka Seltzer works as a powerful cleaning agent, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

5.  Use dryer sheets to freshen stinky shoes.

Good News: You’re making good on your promise to hit the gym every day. Bad news: You’re running shoes and gym bag smell to high heaven! Until you can give them a good wash this weekend, air out those bad boys by stuffing dryer sheets in them and leaving overnight. The sheets will absorb the odor so you can hit the gym tomorrow, odor free!

6.  Keep your earrings together with buttons.

Tired of rummaging through your jewelry box to only find one of your favorite earrings? Keep them easily paired by looping them through button holes. Not only does this work on hanging earrings and studs, but it’s an easy way to keep your earrings stored when traveling.

7.  Shower cap to protect your floors.

Snag those hotel-freebie shower caps to cover shoes before packing them in a suitcase. The plastic keeps dirty soles from sullying clothes.

8.  Use a penny, save a flower.

Drop one into vase water and add a pinch of sugar to keep cut flowers perkier longer. Who says you can’t get anything for a cent these days?

9.  Old soda-can tab can help save space.

Make more closet space! Expand your clothing capacity by repurposing a soda-can tab: Slip one end over a hanger’s hook, then suspend a second hanger from the tab’s other end.

10.  Less mess with rubber bands.

Stretch one over the top of a paint can and use it to wipe excess paint from the brush. With its edges kept clean, the can will be a breeze to seal back up.

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