Ezra Pound House Hailey IdahoHailey is located 11 miles south of neighboring communities Ketchum and Sun Valley, Hailey lies in the midst of the lovely Wood River Valley and in the heart of the central Idaho Rockies. Hailey is about 160 miles east of Boise, the state’s capital. The Wood River Valley is in Blaine County, at the edge of the Sawtooth and Challis National Forests. Almost surrounded by U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands, the valley’s heart is the Big Wood River. The main route into town is State Highway 75 off U.S. 20 to the south. The nearest interstate freeway is I-84 to the south. The population is close to 7,000 and Hailey enjoys the tag line: “Idaho’s hometown in the mountains”. Hailey is home to the high school, middle school and two of four elementary schools in the area. Hailey also has a wonderful public library that has special collections of the history of the area.

Blaine County, Idaho is a unique area offering exciting tourist destinations, wilderness adventures, a “business-friendly” environment, and supportive, flourishing communities. The population of Blaine County is 21,560. Blaine County’s web site covers a wide range of material from photos and history to current, detailed information from each of their departments. Their links page offers other interesting sites about Idaho and our beautiful Blaine County.

From pre-historic times until well into the 20th century the Wood River Valley was visited in the warm weather months by native mericans. Fur trappers roamed the intermountain Rockies in the early 1800s. The first mining claim was filed in the Gold Belt west of Hailey in the summer of 1865. The mining Boom continued until the mid-1890s when many of the veins played out and the bottom fell out of the silver market. The town’s founder John Hailey was an early pioneer in the Northwest who took part in the Boise Basin Gold Rush in 1862. The town John Hailey and his friends laid out is the quintessence of a 19th century town. In the residential part the wide tree-lined streets provide an open inviting avenue. The town of Hailey invites you to explore its bustling downtown and pleasant neighborhoods. The best place to start an exploration of Hailey is the Blaine County Historical Museum.  The extensive collections and interesting exhibits will no doubt lead you to further adventures in History.  Be sure to include the following in your itinerary of Hailey History Hailey Cultural Center and the Birthplace of poet Ezra Pound, Emmanuel Episcopal Church built in 1885 and the wonderful old Blaine County Courthouse.

The town of Hailey is home to many artists studios. In addition there are programs of The Sun Valley Center for the ArtsSun Valley Center for the Arts that operate in Hailey.

Northern Rockies Folk Festival Hailey, IdahoThe Northern Rockies Folk Festival the first weekend in August brings in folk musicians from around the world as does The Trailing of Sheep Festival in October. Hailey is also home of A Company of Fools, a theatre company that celebrates the magic, mystery and the wonder of life. It is awards winning provocative theatre unique in a small town setting. Every shade of the theatrical spectrum from classics to cutting edge drama. Company of Fools uses the Liberty Theatre in downtown Hailey, a lovingly restored 1930’s movie house theatre. Plays run year round with affordable prices.

The City of Hailey has a good systems of parks throughout the city:

Toe of the Hill Trail

Location: This non-motorized, diverse use trail runs for two miles along the foothills east of the Woodside Subdivision.


North Terminus behind the bus facility at the Community Campus. Parking available.

Founders Field/Silverstone Condos. Parking nearby.

Laurelwood Drive at Woodside Park. Parking available.

Echo Hill Park (future). Limited parking.

Water Gulch Road behind Woodside Elementary. Limited parking. About This Trail: As the valley floor becomes more developed, more residents seek nearby recreation in the undeveloped hillside lands that border Hailey. The Toe of the Hill Trail is a maintained, wilderness-type trail open to pedestrian, bicycle, equestrian and canine use.

Hailey Idaho Skate Park Hailey Skate Park

Location: Main Street at the Post Office Traffic Signal, next to the Rodeo Grounds.

About This Park: This park was completed in 2002, thanks to an independent fund raising committee and a generous community. The Hailey Skate Park – built by Dreamland Skateparks – challenges even the most experienced and daring skaters.

Hop Porter Park

Location: At the four-way stop in the middle of town, go west on Bullion. Drop down the hill, and the park is on your right.

Size: 4.3 acres

About This Park: Named after a former city councilman, this park has the largest play structure of any park in town (funded and built completely by volunteers). Hop Porter Park also has a large covered group pavilion with a BBQ, individual picnic areas, and restroom facilities. This park is popular for both Special Events and family get-togethers.

Lawrence Heagle Park

Location: Della View Subdivision, along War Eagle Drive.

Size: 3.5 acres

About This Park: Named after a former Hailey mayor, Lawrence Heagle Park is known for its beauty and proximity to the Big Wood River. This park is the most popular park for weddings. The park has a covered group pavilion, individual picnic areas, restroom facilities, tennis/basketball courts, and play area. Riverside Pond is located nearby.

Roberta McKercher Park

Location: Main Street on the south end of town, between 3rd and 4th Avenue.

Size: 2.5 acres

About This Park: Named after local legend Roberta McKercher, this park is most popular for Special Events where visibility is important, and also for sports. Soccer is an often-seen activity here, and in the winter the park is converted into an ice rink for local skaters. Roberta McKercher park has a large open grassy area, individual picnic areas, and an RV dumpstation, open seasonally.

Yellow Lab In Hailey IdahoCurtis Park

Location: Curtis Subdivision in East Hailey. Bounded by Carbonate St., Bullion St., and 7th Avenue.

Size: 2.5 acres

About This Park: A quiet, neighborhood park; beautiful in the fall.

Deerfield Park

Location: Deerfield Subdivision in East Hailey. Access from Eastridge Drive or Chestnut St.

Size: 3.3 acres

About This Park: A neighborhood park, Deerfield Park has a play structure and individual picnic areas.

Foxmoor Park

Location: Foxmoor Subdivision near Wood River High School. Access from Eastridge Drive.

Size: 1.3 acres

About This Park: A neighborhood park, Foxmoor Park has a play structure and individual picnic areas.

Lions Park

Location: At the four-way stop in the middle of town, go west on Bullion. Drop down the hill, cross the river, and the drive into the park is on your left.

Size: 3 acres

About This Park: The Lions Club built the ballfield in this park. Primarily used for organized softball games, this park is also sometimes used for family get-togethers.

Woodside Park

Location: Central Woodside Subdivision, at the intersection of Laurelwood and Moonlight Drive.

Size: 8.6 acres

About This Park: Woodside Park is Hailey’s newest park, and also the city’s largest. The park is scheduled to accept its first visitors in the fall of 2007. Park amenities include a soccer/rugby field, softball field and basketball courts; a plaza, covered group pavilion, individual picnic areas, play area and restroom facilities; and xeriscape gardens and public art.